The Camrose Regional Exhibition has played an integral role in the City of Camrose and the surrounding rural area since 1908.

The Camrose Regional Exhibition (CRE) & Agricultural Society began in September 1908. The CRE’s original objectives focused on encouraging improvement in agriculture, horticulture, and homemaking, resulting in an improved quality of life for members of the agricultural community. 

To meet these objectives the Society established the Camrose Summer Fair, which was a major event in the community providing a showcase for excellence in agricultural production and a forum for the introduction of new technology, equipment, and production methods.

From 1908 until 1980, the Camrose Regional Exhibition was located on the south side of Camrose. As the city grew, much of the residential development took place on the fairgrounds. This resulted in the relocation of the site to the east side of Camrose in 1980. The Society continued to operate on the original site until 1988, when all operations were moved to the new site. Construction of the Exhibition Centre was completed in the fall of 1988 and provided the impetus for the growth that fuels the CRE today.

These simple beginnings signaled the evolution of the CRE into a dynamic organization based on a philosophy of innovation in programming and dedication to superior customer service. The Camrose Regional Exhibition is the largest facility on Highway 13 and serves a client base that is local, provincial, national, and international in scope. The CRE offers all of the traditional programs and services associated with the exhibition business and a number of innovative services and programs which are unique to the CRE.